Should I Hire a Realtor®?….

Information here, may be pertinent to both Sellers as well as “FSBOs” and is current at the time of this writing. It is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. I try to update it often.  To get the most current information available, please call me directly at 919.320.3865.

Or Do It Myself!

Where Do I Begin?

If you you decide to be a “For Sale By Owner”, you have chosen to take on a very large task indeed. Realtor’s® spend hours honing their skills, taking classes, meeting with other Realtors®, networking and learning today’s high tech gadgets and gizmos that help locate Buyers for their represented Sellers. At the same time, making appointments, meeting with clients and producing marketing materials and media.

Realtors® keep track of deadlines, meet with contractors, sit on open houses, talk on the phone for hours with other Agents, Buyers and Closing Attorneys. Now, if this all seems like something that you’d like to compete with, then by all means give it a try. We can help lessen the burden on you, if you’d like, with our very own “Pay As You Go” program which leaves YOU in control of everything. We provide you the specialty skills that you don’t have the time to learn or care to dabble in. And there’s no commission.

Our program provides you with all the services and skills we use with our Fully Represented clients, but allows you to choose which ones to use. You pay for our services as needed and only use the services you want. You set up and keep the showing appointments with prospective Buyers, you talk to the Buyer’s Agents and contractors. And you go to the Closing.

Our “Pay As You Go Service” even includes listing your house on the Triangle MLS so your property is exposed to thousands of Buyer’s Agents. Remember that you must be in full compliance of the MLS rules. Which means proper square foot measurements, pictures and accurate data about your property. We can do all the compliance stuff for you as one our services.

Remember also that Selling your home is serious business and we take what we do very seriously. Selling your house yourself can expose you to many legal and financial liabilities. A single missed deadline or appointment can mean a bill that you have to pay because the contractor was there and you weren’t. Or missing a contingency deadline leading to a legal quagmire.�br /> Improperly stated information can be very costly and you might be held accountable!

Meeting prospective Buyer’s should be taken just as seriously. Allowing strangers in your home is dangerous. Realtor’s® are trained on how to stay safe during showings and open houses. And showings are an on-demand item. You MUST be ready, willing and able to show your home when a prospect wants to see it or possibly miss an opportunity. And the house MUST be show worthy at all all times.

But if this is what you’d like to do, then we can provide you with the tools to help. From photography, signs mailing and marketing creation, to MLS listing while maintaining full compliance with the MLS.

Remember too, that in North Carolina, if you are married, both spouses must sign the listing agreement. Even if the property was purchased prior to the marriage. If there are any legal issues regarding Joint Ownership, such as recent divorce, separation or liens on the property, they do NOT have be disclosed to any prospective Buyer or Buyer’s Agent unless it has to do with a material fact about the property itself. Be sure to consult an Attorney. DON’T BE YOUR OWN LEGAL ADVISOR!

You will only be able to list the property on the MLS through one Realtor® and to assure this with all parties, an Exclusive Listing Agreement will be required and signed by all legal Sellers but stated with NO commission and NO representation.

When we first meet, be prepared to listen to a quick discussion of what is known as the Law of Agency. In addition to my helping you sell your home, I need to, by Law, explain the four different types of Real Estate Agents that exist. I’ll provide you with a brochure called “Working With Real Estate Agents”. Again, by Law, you’ll have to acknowledge my explaining Agency to you by signing a receipt. It is not a contract, it’s only an acknowledgment.

You can download a copy of the brochure by clicking workingwagents-rev-0109.

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