Once you’ve determined what you can afford and have a pre-qualification letter, the next step is to decide where you want to buy, what type of house you’d like, how many bedrooms, baths, lot size and any other specific criteria that would help locate your dream home. And probably when you want to, or need to be in your new home by.

Click this link and take a look at the properties available for sale.

Remember that a Buyer’s Agent receives a fee from the Seller. Unless a special agreement is made between you and the Buyer’s Agent, the fee that the Buyer’s Agent will receive, is generally based on a percentage of the selling price that the Seller has agreed to pay Listing Agent. The Buyer’s Agent receives a portion of this fee at closing. The proportionate amount to be paid to the Buyer’s Agency by the Listing Agency, is generally stated as a percentage on the MLS Property Sheet.

As your Buyer’s Agent and RealtorĀ®, We have the entire Triangle MLS at your disposal! This means we have thousands of homes and properties to look through so it’s important that you provide as much information about what you would like to own, so we can narrow the list substantially. So give this some thought before we meet.

When we first meet, be prepared to listen to a quick discussion of what is known as the Law of Agency. In addition to my helping you find a home, I need to, by Law, explain the four different types of Real Estate Agents that exist. I’ll provide you with a brochure called “Working With Real Estate Agents”. Again, by Law, you’ll have to acknowledge my explaining Agency to you by signing a receipt. It is not a contract, it’s only an acknowledgment.

You can download a copy of the brochure by clicking workingwagents-rev-0109.

So what are you waiting for. There’s no better time to buy. Contact me today at 919.320.3865. Or send me a message. I’ll be sure to get back to you promptly.

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